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Top 10 Chrome Flags to upgrade your Browsing Experience

We All are love google chrome isn’t it? Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers that everyone’s like to use on the planet. all because of its simplicity and an abundance of features. Believe it or not, Google Chrome has a hidden menu that allows you to enable experimental features. The functions are referred to as “flags” or Chrome Flags, but really they’re nothing more than hidden developer settings

How To Access Chrome Flags

Before you use any of Chrome Flags, you should to know how to access them. Simply type chrome://flags in the address bar and then press Enter. This will throw up a whole list of really cool experiments that you can add to your browser and improve your browsing experience.

You Can Use Chrome’s Find(Ctrl+F) feature and type in the name of the flag you want to find. On Android tap the menu button in the top right (three dots) and choose Find in Page.

1. Increase Downloading Speed

There are several features on Chrome Flags that can speed up your browsing A method called parallel downloading opens several connections to download the same file. It won’t make much of a difference with smaller size files, but when you’re downloading large packages it’s a game-changer.

To enable it, in Chrome flags type “parallel downloading”, then click “Default” when it appears in the list, then click “Enable” and Relaunch Browser.

2. Smooth Scrolling

This experiment enables smooth scrolling in your browser. When you scroll in Chrome using your mouse or the arrow keys, there is a little stuttering in the animation.

To enable it, in Chrome Flags type “Smooth Scrolling” . Click on enable and relaunch the browser for a smoother scrolling experience.

3. Auto-play Policy

If you have already interacted with the domain (click or tap) or if you have previously played video with sound, Chrome recognizes you as an active user and will start playing audio automatically. Chrome has an autoplay-policy flag to put an end to it. You need to change the same from ‘default’ to ‘Document user activation is required’ and restart the browser.

Now, whenever you visit a website which serves an autoplaying Video/Audio, they’ll not play automatically.

4. Show Auto-fill Predictions

Auto-fill is a real lifesaver when it comes to filling forms and creating accounts online. This Chrome Flag enables a feature that shows the auto-fill predictions as placeholder text.

To enable it, in Chrome Flags type “Show Autofill Predictions” . Click on enable and relaunch the browser.

5. Reduce Echo in Voice Calls

If you are regularly uses Chrome for voice/video chat with friends, Girlfriends or clients, then enabling the WebRtcUSeEchoCanceller3 flag will surely come in handy to reduce microphone echo, which is one of the biggest annoyances. It definitely works and you’ll be able to notice a difference soon after.

To enable it, in Chrome Flags type ” WebRtc Echo Canceller “. Click on enable and relaunch the browser.

6. Automatic Password Generation

This really cool feature generates passwords automatically. If you enable this Chrome Flag, Google will suggest a password every time you need one; the perfect solution especially for those websites with tricky password rules.

To enable it, in Chrome Flags type ” Automatic Password Generation “. Click on enable and relaunch the browser.

7. Google Password Manager UI

Accessing passwords you’ve saved in Chrome should be easy. Passwords are always a cumbersome task to manage, especially when you have multitude of  passwords and you are not good at remembering them.

this Chrome flag lets you access the Google Password manager UI right from the Chrome browser.

You can use the tag google-password-manager to make a search for this flag.

8. New Style Notification

Bored with the as usual notification style in Chrome? Try this experimental feature that enables the style of the material-design notification and have some fun with the all-new notification avatar.

9. Secure Your Browsing

If you are someone who has always wanted to use a more privacy-friendly search engine than Google in chrome. Just go to Google Chrome Settings there you will find search engine options Just change it to DuckDuckGo. This is Not Chrome Flag. You can now search in Google Chrome using DuckDuckGo which is the best search engine if you want privacy.

10. Stop Navigation Hijacking

There are websites which don’t allow you to go back. Even after pressing the back button, the same page reloads. Well, such websites abuse the history feature. Put an end to this navigation hijacking by using the “new history entries” flag. This is one of the most important flags which you should enable in Google Chrome.

To enable it, in Chrome Flags type “New history entries“. Click on enable and relaunch the browser.

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